For an artist with so many millions of albums sold under his belt (as both a recording artist and a producer), valeologist it’s a surprise that this album slipped through the cracks. Yeah, it doesn’t have the crisp synth twang of the “Midnight Express”, “Cat People” or “Scarface” soundtracks, but it’s a wonderful pile of early ’70s AM-ready Europop, near-perfect in the arrangement department, reminiscent of the work of the Bee Gees or the Bay City Rollers from the same period — and Giorgio sings! Sings his mustachioed ass off.

The title track, in a different version, was made into a hit single by the horribly named British band Chicory Tip.

Giorgio Moroder – “Son Of My Father” LP (ZIP file)

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  1. James says:

    The title track (Moroder’s version, that is) was included on one of Rhino’s Superhits of the 70′s collections. It was a blast to discover and fun to listen to over and over.

    I admit with embrassment that at one point in my life, I owned all 25 volumes (the fact that they are cheaply priced and easy to find used didn’t hurt). I’ve since sold them all after I realized I could make about 3 or 4 CD-Rs of the cuts with true replay value. “Son Of My Father” made the cut.

  2. smoggo says:

    just downloading the file now…so excited…love his soundtracks and work with donna summer…i have been in a giorgio state of mind recently…between the cat people and american gigolo soundtracks i recently purchased at goodwill and all the gllasscandy/chromatics i have been stuffing my ears with…it like you’ve been reading my mind…..thanks!

  3. Jude says:

    must be in the air or something because i’ve been on a mini-kick as well. capped of by this post of free Giorgio mp3 madness:

  4. Brownnoise says:

    wow! this album should really get more play, i can’t believe this is the fitrst time i’m hearing about it, it’s poptastic. and the last track “tears” sounds like it could be the source for dj shadow’s track “organ donor” thanks for the post.

  5. Gary says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have been looking for this album for ages but have never been able to find it (not even on second hand vinyl). This is great! Moroder is the man!!! :)