GANG OF FOUR – three live sets (1980-1983)

Holy shit, hygiene I just found out that the CD edition of “Songs Of The Free” is now out-of-print and massively expensive if you wanna get it at places like or Amazon. Maybe that’ll be forthcoming soon –

Gang Of Four – Anthrax Marxists: Germany, pilule February 1980 (ZIP file)
Gang Of Four – Hurrah’s, NYC, 12.31.80 (ZIP file)
Gang Of Four – “Call Me Up”, Old Grey Whistle Test, 1982 (MP3)
Gang Of Four – “Rockpalast”, Germany, 1983 (ZIP file)

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  1. Peter from Irvine, CA says:

    Wow. Another amazing post. Many thanks.

  2. Eric says:

    Before I download all of these, were any of these the concerts that you had posted on post-punk junk?

  3. Bob Hopeless says:

    I have been looking for it on CD for years – never seen it! After Entertainment, my favorite album.

  4. Blame James says:

    I fervently implore you to post SONGS OF THE FREE!!! please, please, please. Great blogs by the way.

  5. Tom says:

    Eric, the Rockpalast and Hurrah’s songs were on PPJ. I don’t know about the OGWT track(s).

    The Anthrax Martxists boot has a few wrong titles. (I found a website that verified this. Song 1, New Entertainment, is just a truncated version of 5-45 (or 5.45; I’ll let you choose the punctuation). Song 9, Part of This is really the otherwise unrecorded Blood Free. Song 7 isn’t Armalite (or Armatrite, as listed) Rifle. It is apparently otherwise unknown. It was suggested that it is an early version of History’s Bunk, but I just don’t hear it.

    And I don’t even like Go4 that much. But, here you go.

  6. Dangermouse says:

    What happened to the 2nd half of your Gang Of Four – “Rockpalast”, Germany, 1983 post? the full track listing should read:

    01.We Live As We Dream, Alone
    02.The Republic
    03.Not Great Men
    04.Why Theory
    06.I Will Be A Good Boy
    07.The History Of The world
    08.I Love A Man In Uniform
    09.It Don’t Matter
    11.What We All Want
    13.To Hell With Poverty
    14.He’d Send In The Army
    15.Call Me Up
    16.The World At Fault
    17.At Home He’s A Tourist
    18.Natural’s Not In It
    21.Damaged Goods

    and not just tracks 1 – 15 as in your download…
    otherwise great blog

  7. Dave Sez says:

    Well, Sharity, had to drop in and thank you for all the great Magazine, Devo and Gang of Four you’ve given us all. As the only way to say thanks properly is to “return the gift”, you’ll find an archive of rare Go4 in the comments I added to this post:

    Eggcity is thanked in comments to a Devo post; another big archive of rare stuff – Television – is here:

    With thanks, Dave Sez: go get, you won’t regret!

    (Please delete this if you do not external links in your comments, and apologies)

  8. Dave Sez says:

    An update: all of the live recordings by the original Gang of Four that are available on the Net have been indexed in my Go4 mega-post (a considerable expansion of my burningaquarium post), kindly hosted by edo here:

    Cheers, Dave Sez