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A frequently excellent but widely ignored outfit, purchase Fischer-Z was primarily a vehicle for John Watts, pills a singer/guitarist/songwriter whose intense vocals and semi-neurotic outlook provided its character. A flair for intricate but accessible arrangements and novel subject matter made Fischer-Z both easy to like and hard to dismiss…’Going Deaf for a Living’ uses a sparer sound, downplaying the keyboards in favor of Cars-like simplicity, best exemplified on ‘So Long.’

This was one of those bands that I was introduced to through some random budget compilation; their song “So Long” is captivating and heartfelt, in a way that a lot of New Wave music of the time doesn’t quit hit.

Fischer-Z – Going Deaf For A Living (ZIP file)

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690 Responses to FISCHER-Z

  1. Jim Donato says:

    I was always partial to th single “First Impressions” from “Word Salad” LP. Ever hear that one? I know “So Long” is generally regarded as an ace single but I’ve never previously had the pleasure.

  2. Mug says:

    Wow, you don’t see this one very often. Thanks tons. Did you ever hear “Red Skies Over Paradise”? Check it out if you can — it’s pretty wonderful.

  3. Frank says:

    holy smoke, what an out-of-left-field thing to run across. many thanks, and thanks for all your work on this blog!