BAUHAUS – 1981, healing Le Rose Bonbon, Paris

This one’s been floating around out there for a while under the bootleg LP name “Satori In Paris.”

Bauhaus – 1981, Le Rose Bonbon, Paris (ZIP file)


By this time in Chrome’s history, Damon Edge had left for Europe, leaving Helios Creed to stay behind in America; Edge carried on the “Chrome” name with a completely different set of musicians. Purists usually poo-poo this chapter of Chrome, but I found this record, a live document from ’84 with the new “group”, to be pretty awesome. There’s also a handful of studio tracks throughout the record which are pretty boss as well.

Chrome – “The Lyon Concert” LP (ZIP file)

THE CLASH – 10.26.1976, Barbarella’s, Birmingham, UK

I’m not sure if Keith Levene (original Clash member, future PiL guitarist) is present on this recording. Also, I’ve included as an extra an MP3 of PBS mainstay Huell Howser interviewing the band from way early in his broadcasting career!

The Clash – 10.26.1976, Barbarella’s, Birmingham, UK + “Huell Howser Talks To The Clash” (ZIP file)

THE COMSAT ANGELS – live, Rotterdam, 1983

Of the Comsat Angels, Allmusic sez:

Erroneously regarded as a synth pop band — and, every now and then — as a band that peaked with a song placed in a scene of [the film] ‘Real Genius’, the Comsat Angels were one of the finest bands of the post-punk/new wave era. Often as moody if less dramatic than Joy Division, their first and best albums — 1980′s ‘Waiting for a Miracle’;, 1981′s ‘Sleep No More’, and 1982′s ‘Fiction’ — featured abstract pop songs with spare instrumentation, many of which were bleak and filled with some form of heartache. The albums were almost unrelentingly sullen, but they were always transfixing. The band then fell prey to various commercial pressures for several years. In the ’90s they resurfaced with a pair of powerful albums that resembled logical extensions of their earliest work, and then they vanished again.

This live set was recorded towards the end of the band’s aforementioned golden period. Yes, it’s mopey, droopy and big shirt collar-y. But I like it. I’ve also included the band’s Peel Session from April ’80.

The Comsat Angels – Live, Rotterdam, 1983 (ZIP file)
The Comsat Angels – Peel Session, 04.29.80 (ZIP file)

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  1. bill p says:

    splendid; or I’ll tell you later…thanks

  2. Tom says:

    What is the track order of Clash set?

  3. monadjudant69 says:

    hey i was at that chrome show,i knew i was watching a rare-as-fuck event,but was expecting something better,like Red Exposure or 1/2 machine,anyway i’m a lucky guy

  4. Tom says:

    I found the order of the clash set. Do a Google search on (“The Clash” “Barbarella’s”) to find a large jpg of the same cover that is posted here. You can read the tracklisting from it. A couple of songs had different titles — “Going to the Disco”=”Deadly Serious” — but that’s it.

  5. Don says:

    did you notice how edge renamed some of the old material and took all the credit? classssy.

  6. dew says:

    The Comsat Angels Live Rotterdam, is absolutely wicked, im glad they put will you stay tonight in, one of my faves, I also like the way they open into the atmospheric nature trails, wicked, This is a fantastic site , keep up the excellent work friend.