EMO PHILIPS – “E=MO2″ (1985)

As a precocious pre-teen, page I stayed up many a late night to watch stand-up comedy specials on HBO my parents wouldn’t allow me to see because of the off-color material — but for some reason, information pills my parents also didn’t me to watch any Emo Philips, probably because his nasal, retarded-stepchild delivery made them quiver with fear.

Emo Philips – “E=MO2″ (ZIP file)

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694 Responses to EMO PHILIPS

  1. Jim Donato says:

    Ah yes. Emo Philips. One of the handful of “comedians” that I have bothered to see in person.

  2. Ronnie says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I got so many people into Emo at college in the early 90′s. I taped him from a video I had recorded off the TV, and gave a copy to one person I knew would be sympathetic. She then copied it for all he rhousemates, who in turn copied it for various brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. There is an Emo fan network in Ireland that can probably be traced back to me! Now to start the process all over again! Nyahaaahaaaaaaaaaaa!

  3. Larry says:

    Thanks. Love his routine. Weird but clean.