ECR #045

I’ve got pretty bad allergies sometimes, pills but in investigating what makes people sneeze, drug I ran across the tidbit below on Never heard of the condition, and glad I don’t have it:

“Do you know anyone who sneezes when they step outside into the sunshine? About one out of every three people sneezes when exposed to bright light. They are called photic sneezers (photic means light). If you are a photic sneezer, you got it from one of your parents because it is an inherited trait. You could say that it runs in your family. Most people have some sensitivity to light that can trigger a sneeze.

Have you ever had the feeling that you are about to sneeze, but it just gets stuck? Next time that happens, try looking toward a bright light briefly (but don’t look right into the sun) – see if that doesn’t unstick a stuck sneeze!”

Has anybody out there ever tried bee pollen? Does anyone know if that actually helps allergies at all?

Track listing:
Bo Diddley – Hey Jerome
Spoon Fazer – Do Different Dances
Polysics – Black Out Fall Out
Fugazi – Waiting Room
Departmentstore Santas – W
Visitors – Living World
Ferdinand Et Les Philosophes – Encore Trop Tot
IQ4 – Het Aan Tafel
Tom Waits – Nighthawk Postcards (live)
The Neon Judgement – T.V. Treated
I.D. Company – He’s Out Now
Thick Pigeon – Subway
S.O.U.L. – Down In The Ghetto

Egg City Radio #045 (MP3)

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652 Responses to ECR #045

  1. MrFab says:

    I am a photic sneezer. And yet I live here in LA, the sunniest place ever. Which means I keep the sunglasses manufacturers of the world happy.

  2. Glen says:

    My father and my son have this, but not me. It use to make me laugh hysterically when it would happen to my dad.

  3. Max Murdoc says:

    Not a photic sneezer but my sneezes come out of nowhere….no warning at all just 2-3 quick exposive sneezes and right elbow hurts like hell. Plus I had a girlfriend who claimed that when she sneezed, she had mini orgasms.

  4. Rich says:

    If you have hayfever then eating local honey regularly does help. Builds up your immune system towards pollen in your area. Do you choose these anti-spam words yourself? Mine says Devoto!

    (Spell check edition)

  5. Kenneth Edmond Anderson says:

    My allergies were the worst they’ve ever been last spring. Eyes swelling shut, endless snot-days, et cetera. My lexicon-of-a-friend, Chris, told me that his uncle had the same thing going on while working on a farm. Another man ran off and reappeared with a large chunk of honeycomb. Chris’s uncle ate the honeycomb. His allergies are allegedly gone. So I tried it. I choked down about a quarter-pound of local honeycomb in one sitting. Within hours I was pretty much cured. I don’t think it wiped out all of the allergies. While mowing I still get itchy eyes and stuff. Tomatoes, garlic, citrus are said to help. I’ve also heard good things about organic apple cider vinegar. But that stuff is yucky.

  6. Phill says:

    I am a photic sneezer. I’ve used that technique to unstick a stuck sneeze, too.

  7. spencer says:

    I have chronic allergies throughout the year, mostly when the santa ana winds blow and also during the early fall. I have never found a allegy medicine that has helped. Ive never tried the local honeycomb trick though. Where can you get such a thing? whole foods?

  8. matt says:

    dude, i’m a lurker on your site, but i have to comment on this post. i have photic sneeze syndrome. i thought i was a freak until i read about it a couple years ago. i like your site, keep it up.

  9. Kevin K. says:

    Departmentstore Santas?! Excellent. I’ve been a fan of that record since we bought it for my college radio station when it first came out (yes, I’m that old). I recently read somewhere that Joe was going to release a follow up album of material he’s been sitting on, but don’t think that’s going to happen.

    You wouldn’t by any chance have Guy Goode & His Decentone Orchestra, would you? I’ve had a notifier set up for that on eBay forever and have yet to find it. I was hoping to find a MP3 download on the web, but no luck.

    Thanks for the great web site!