ECR #044: Krautrocksampling

I’ve been hip the Krautrock sound for a long number of years, abortion but I recently happened upon some K-TEL-esque ’70s comps, and thought I’d share the better tracks with you. My favorite would have to be the final track, “I’ve Got My Woman”, but Percewood’s Onagram, one of the best examples of English-as-a-second-language lyrics I’ve ever heard.

Track listing:
Omega – After A Hard Year
Excalibur – Get Me If You Want
Wolfgang Dauner Group – Jive Samba
Harlis – BMW
Jeronimo – Blind Man
Novalis – Banished Bridge
Udo Lindenberg – Schneewittchen
Message – Nightmares
Octopus – The First Flight Of The Owl
Nektar – Good Day
Guru Guru – Samantha’s Rabbit
Percewood’s Onagram – I’ve Got My Woman

Egg City Radio #044: Krautrocksampling (MP3)

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89 Responses to ECR #044: Krautrocksampling

  1. Rob says:

    Bret, thanks yet again. Listened to this last night, great stuff!!

  2. codeverifier says:

    Thanks for all the Krautrock stuff. Really appreciated. Nice collection this one. Some songs a bit too rocky for my taste, but one has to keep an open mind/ear. BTW you pick those anti-spam words yourself? Mine was (Don Van) Vliet…