ECR #042: spotlight on Goblin

I recently had the chance to do an e-mail interview with Italian film soundtrack maestros Goblin for Mean Magazine, info and I realized that the large majority of Mean’s readership probably have no idea what Goblin sounds like, so I thought I’d put together a sturdy sampler for anyone out there who’s interested in the band, but has no idea where to start with their discography.

Track listing:
L’Alba Dei Morti Viventi (“Dawn Of The Dead” soundtrack, 1978)
La Caccia (“Dawn Of The Dead” soundtrack, 1978)
Oblio (“Dawn Of The Dead” soundtrack, 1978)
Country Graveyard (“Cherry Five”, 1975)
Sequence 1 – Main Theme (“La Via Della Droga” soundtrack, 1977)
Transmute (“Patrick” soundtrack, 1978)
Connexion (“Contamination” soundtrack, 1980)
Tenebre (“Tenebre” soundtrack, 1982)
Roller (“Roller”, 1976)
Snip-Snap (“Roller”, 1976)
Farina’s Suite (“Discocross”, 1979)
Profondo Rosso (“Profondo Rosso” soundtrack, 1975)
Death Dies (“Profondo Rosso” soundtrack, 1975)
Epopea (“Perché Si Uccidono” soundtrack, 1976)
R.I.B. (“Perché Si Uccidono” soundtrack, 1976)
Welcome To The Boogie (“Squadra Antigangsters” soundtrack, 1979)
The Whip (“Squadra Antigangsters” soundtrack, 1979)
Incubi Ricorrenti – End Titles (“Solamente Nero” soundtrack, 1978)
La Dolce Sandra (“Solamente Nero” soundtrack, 1978)
Un Ragazzo D’Argento (“Il Fantastico Viaggio Del ‘Bagarozzo’ Mark”, 1978)
Witch (“Suspiria”, 1977)
Sighs (“Suspiria”, 1977)
Black Forest (“Suspiria”, 1977)
Blind Concert (“Suspiria”, 1977)
Suspiria Theme (“Suspiria”, 1977)

Egg City Radio #042: spotlight on Goblin (MP3)

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684 Responses to ECR #042: spotlight on Goblin

  1. IVOR says:

    Will you provide a link to the aforementioned article if/when it’s online?

  2. Jude says:

    only here would something this cool appear…you’ve outdone yourself–even topping the John Carpenter one from a few months back!

    Truly inspired.

  3. IVOR says:

    I enjoyed the shit out of this.

    Thank you fine sir.

  4. IRISHTER says:

    WOW. I love these guys, thank you so much for introducing me to them!

  5. Ejectionseats says:

    This is overdue, but thanks very much for this one. I think it was a new podcast on here when I downloaded it, but have enjoyed it many times since then. There is a prog rock band in san diego that covered one from dawn of the dead a couple of years ago. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks!! Great stuff!