ECR #041

Rounding out today’s mix is a great track by Bruce Haack, surgeon whom I’ll be posting a ton of more stuff by later on, overweight probably in about a week.

Track listing:
Uriah Heep – Bird Of Prey
Manu Matter – Hemmige
Premier Quartet – My Mammy
Crawling Chaos – Berlin
Section25 – Red Voice
Nick Gilder – Tantalize
US Maple – La Chick
Eazy Teeth – Her Blade
Jacky Giordano – ???
Don King – Tanajura
Chameleons – In Shreds
Class Info – Out Of Line
Public Image Ltd. – Home
Superchunk – Dance Lessons
Bruce Haack – Funky Little Song

Egg City Radio #041 (MP3)

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  1. Do you have, or have enough, rare chameleons things you could do a post about?
    They’re the best