ECR #040: Stoopid

It’s been a full two months since I’ve done any new podcasts, tadalafil but I’m back into it. I feel stupid for having neglected it for so long, so I thought I’d throw together a little self-depreicatory mix for ya –

Track listing:
Mantronix – Get Stupid “Fresh”, Part 1
Angry Samoans – You Stupid Jerk
Gal Costa – Sua Estupidez
The Wedding Present – I’m Not Always So Stupid
Negativland – Christianity Is Stupid
Sparks – Everybody’s Stupid
Crime – I Stupid Anyway
Van Duren – Stupid Enough
Don Caballero – Stupid Puma
Funkadelic – Super Stupid
Orchid Spangiafora – Mondo Stupid
Year Future – I’m With Stupid
Sun Ra – Red Hot Mama/Super Stupid
Driving Stupid – Reality of Air-Friend Borsk

Egg City Radio #040: Stoopid (MP3)

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678 Responses to ECR #040: Stoopid

  1. Anthony Hansen says:

    Good call on the Sparks song!

  2. Nice burp, it was smooth and stood for itself!
    Also, you should do a Wedding Present post, you keep playing all these early songs from them that are tremendous!