ECR #036: Hate

I’m actually in the mood for loving things these days, order but there comes a time when certain emotions leak out like Olestra-inspired BM chili bombs.

Track listing:
Authorities – I Hate Cops
Adolescents – I Hate Children
The Freeze – I Hate Tourists
Bubonic Plague – I Hate My Jobs
Patton Oswalt – I Hate Hippies
Ashley Von Hurter and the Haters – I Hate You
The Monks – I Hate You
The Jerks – We Hate You
100 Flowers – I Hate
Red Cross – I Hate My School
Active Ingredients – I Hate MTV
Bobby Soxx and the Teenage Queers – (Learn To) Hate In The 80s
Cravats – I Hate The Universe
Geza X – I Hate Punks
Gang Green and the Amputators – I Hate You
Dicks – Dicks Hate The Police
Die Kreuzen – Hate Me
Raped – Escalator Hater
Reflex From The Pain – You’re The Hate
Babeez – Hate
Suburban Studs – I Hate School
Vectors – I Hate Myself
Dils – I Hate The Rich
The Filth – Don’t Hide Your Hate

Egg City Radio #036: Hate (MP3)

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134 Responses to ECR #036: Hate

  1. Rich says:

    fucking ace mate :)

    Love the first track the most. Keep up the good work!
    Are you planning on doing any more stickcam stuff? Really, really liked the post punk junk programs….sept that one where you played Sawns… freaked me out with that….*shudders*