ECR #034: spotlight on Brigitte Fontaine

I know jack shit about French music, anabolics except for Magma and Plastic Bertrand. I was a little surprised when I glommed onto the sound of whacked chanteuse Brigitte Fontaine, oncology who sounds like a cross between Barbra Streisand and the Marcie character from the Peanuts comic strip. Here’s a little career-ranging trip of hers, stuff from her I like that I’ve caught recently –

Track listing:
Les Blanchisseuses
Le Goudron
God’s Nightmare
L’Orage Est Fini
La Citrouille
Déclaration de Sinistre
Dans La Cuisine
Dommage Que Ti Sois Mort
C’est Pas D’Ma Faute Elle
Le Sac

Egg City Radio #034: spotlight on Brigitte Fontaine (MP3)

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670 Responses to ECR #034: spotlight on Brigitte Fontaine

  1. lee says:


    Never heard of this Fontaine. But the Wikipedia entry has a crazy long and varied list of collaborators and projects she’s been involved with. Looks like there’s some gold in here.

    Ain’t the net great? Instead of just a few friends passing cool mixtapes, there’s hundreds…



  2. Joe Stumble says:

    Wasn’t Plastic Bertrand Belgian? How can you say you know very little about French Music? You introduced me to Mathematiques Modernes!!!!

    As far as Brigitte is concerned, my fave album by her is “Comme a la Radio” which is some super-experimental spoken word jazz stuff from the early 1970′s. Good shite!

  3. dan dren says:

    Oh.. thanks!

    Check out my remake of “comme a la radio” on my myspacepage (


  4. Harry says:

    i would just like to say i have just discovered your site and it is fantastic not all music to my tastes but always interesting stuff