ECR #029

A few weeks ago, implant I finally heard Europe’s album “The Final Countdown”. Normally, I don’t get the same let’s-laugh-at-it-because-it’s-80s pleasure out of such stuff than a lot of other people I know, but this one caught me by surprise, for it had on it a song called “Ninja”. It was an empassioned plea for the titular character to “survive.”

Track listing:
The Movies – Rock In The Slingshot
Stereolab – Les Yper-Sound
Ralph Meeker – “My Boys Are Good Boys”
The Movies – Timothy James
Ramones – Cabbies On Crack
Futurologischer Kongress – Heimatlied
Europe – Ninja
Hear ‘N Aid – We’re Stars
The Fall – Insult Song
The Buggles – Elstree
Second Hand – Baby Ru Anudder Monster
Pluton & Humanoids – World Invaders
Urban Verbs – Tina Grey
Tone Loc – The Homies

Egg City Radio #029 (MP3)

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