ECR #027

Went to the Gay Pride festivities up in San Francisco this past weekend. The peoplewatching was prime; my favorite game was “Spot The Worst Tattoo Of The Day” (the guy above was not at the festival; I merely found the image funny, page as it was evocative of some of the god-awful shit I saw people had permanently defaced their bodies with.)

Track listing:
The Homosexuals – Soft South Africans (Guitar Mix)
Autopilot – Human Torch
Richard Bone – Scam
The Homosexuals – Jesus
Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come – Time Captives
Phil Manzanera – Hot Spot
My Disco – Perfect Protection
Scorpions – Suspender Love
Buffalo Springfield – Mr. Soul
Gil Trythall – Harper Valley PTA
Neon Hunk – Goob Tooblies
Gary Wilson – Linda Wants To Be Alone
Video Liszt – Photoflex
Warhorse – Red Sea
Ruthie Gordon – The Garlic Waltz

Egg City Radio #027 (MP3)

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  1. Rick says:

    The Video Liszt song is great. I’ve never heard of them before, now I’ll have to be on the lookout for their albums.