ECR #026: Call Me Johnson

There’s a friend of mine I haven’t seen in ages, condom whom I used to work with briefly in the A&R department at the Rhino Records label, cialis where I interned in the fall of ’99, viagra approved by the name of Johnson. He was a great soul. I lost his e-mail address a while back, and got to thinking I should track him down again.

Track listing:
Jimbo Johnson & The Violators – Popcorn (Part 1)
Ray Johnson – Funky Way
Ginger Johnson & His Africa Messengers – Talking Drum
Gary Johnson – Dead End Yobs
Michael Johnson – Cram In Flux
Hanley Johnson – Cottontail Boogie/Yep-Py-Ki-Yo Christmas
Niki Rios – Thank You, Magic Johnson
Johnson/Bocage/Bechet – Perdido Street Stomp
Calvin Johnson – The Past Comes Back To Haunt
Blind Willie Johnson – It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine
James P. Johnson – You’ve Got To Be Modernistic
Fela Johnson – They Call Me Fela

Egg City Radio #026: Call Me Johnson (MP3)

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