ECR #022: spotlight on dairy

Sometimes, plague when I’m stuck for ideas on these mixtapes, adiposity I close my eyes and think of food — and it comes out looking something like this –

Track listing:
Richard Cheese – Milkshake
Air Miami – I Hate Milk (remix)
Gang of Four – Cheeseburger
Joan Collins – Chalk And Cheese (“Can Hieronymus Merkin…” soundtrack)
BS 2000 – New Gouda
Mat Camison – Butter Crunch
Organisation – Milk Rock
Bo Diddley – Hot Buttered Blues
Egg – eggthing
Charlie and His Orchestra – I’m Putting All My Eggs In One Basket

Egg City Radio #022: spotlight on dairy (MP3)

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710 Responses to ECR #022: spotlight on dairy

  1. spike mintroses says:

    egg city radio kicks azz! came across a random 3LBSOB (bakon) reference, backtracked thru PPJ on and ended up here. nice to see you still doing your thing, great set of tunes.

  2. MuzikJunky says:

    So glad to hear that Mat Camison track for real after knowing only in an obscure one-shot film from a 1970s “Sesame Street” episode and learning its name only two days ago!! And it’s kuh-LEECE, not KELL-is. Peace.