ECR #021

Happy Day Off From Work — grill something fer me, population health wouldja?

Track listing:
??? – “Chain Reaction” game show theme song
Flied Egg – Burning Fever
Leon Russell – Stranger In A Strange Land
Eyeless In Gaza – Fixation
“Andy Warhol’s Bad” – Old Bags
Magma – Ork Alarm
Tuexdomoon – No Tears (45 on 33 version)

Egg City Radio #021 (MP3)

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488 Responses to ECR #021

  1. Bob Hopeless says:

    I was glad to find your re-animated blog – I was a big fan of the original PPJ. Thanks for the fantastic variety of stuff you post. I appreciate the little primers on people like Peter Hamill and the John Oswald sampler – little painless lessons for people who might want to learn more about some idiosyncratic artists.
    Thanks! Keep on.

  2. Jude says:

    apropos of nothing really…

    the “Chain Reaction” theme song, according to, was composed by a fellow named Bob Cobert. It goes on to say that the theme was also used for a ’79 NBC short-lived series named “Supertrain”.

  3. cole says:

    I think this is your best mix.