ECR #019

I just found out that the Stickam offices are currently being renovated, disinfection so the Post-Punk Junk live music video show won’t be going live this week. Right now I’m working on putting together a pre-recorded video podcast version of the next episode that I’ll hopefully get up in the next few days –

Track listing:
The Sound – All Fall Down
The Beakers – Bones
Hybrid Kids – D’Ya Think I’m Sexy
Unit 3 w/ Venus – Boys
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band – Obeah Man (1966 demo)
Chi Coltrane – Thunder And Lightning
Luie Luie – El Touchy
Jerry Finegold – Hookhas & Hukas
The Unknowns – Tax-Deductible
The Sound – Party of the Mind

Egg City Radio #019 (MP3)

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637 Responses to ECR #019

  1. bill p says:

    Those two Sound songs are great.

  2. Bill says:

    I love the HYBRID KIDS song! I have a crappy copy of the full album, any chance you could post the whole thing? (if you have it)