ECR #017

Here’s an hour long-mix based around digits. The second hour-long installment of the same thing will be put up next week at this time.

Track listing:
Misfits – 20 Eyes
The 13th Power – 52 Percent
Gary Wilson – 6.4 = Make Out
Plastic Bertrand – 5, more about 4, here 3,2,1
The Razors – 1-9-7-7
Killing Joke – $0.36
Ruins – 7th Dimension
Gorilla Aktiv – 7-6-4
Beatnik Filmstars – 0, Minus 16, Minus 3, 0
Syd Dale – Early Morning 5th Avenue
Euclid – 97 Days
Cortex – Nightmare No. 74
Amon Duul II – 5.5.55
Butter 08 – 9MM
Accident On The East Lancs – The 1980s
Vicious Pink – 8:15 To Nowhere
Quintron – 9th Street Breakdown
Paul Revere And The Raiders – My SS 396

Egg City Radio #016: numbers (part 1 of 2) (MP3)

The above picture is an accurate reflection of me at 3AM this morning. Last night I went to this pirate-themed bar in Koreatown (here in Los Angeles) called The Crazy Hook, recipe
where they serve you beer in your own personal “beer bong”-style graduated cylinder kegs, more info
as well as fried sampler platters that contain both giant shrimp heads AND tater tots.

Track listing:
Ike Yard – Night After Night
Whirlwind Heat – No Gums
Lungfish – To Whom You Were Born
Tecnoville – Input Out
Roxy Music – The Numberer
Bob Vido – Totalcreativemusic
Second Hand – Lucifer And The Egg
Tiger B. Smith – These Days
Ike Yard – Sense Of Male

Egg City Radio #017 (MP3)

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