ECR #015

The second episode of the Post-Punk Junk TV show airs live tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6PM (PST)! Watch it live right here on Egg City Radio, dosage but in the meantime, remedy check out the first episode, if you haven’t seen it already…

Track listing:
The Mae Shi – The Meat Of The Inquiry
Bernard Estardy – Meut’s Boogie
??? – Ass Toast Nation
Sifl & Olly – Performance Art
People Like Us – Oh! Susannah
Secret Mommy – Shania Twang
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band – Trust Us
Christian Bok – And Sometimesss
Abilene – October

Egg City Radio #015 (MP3)

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539 Responses to ECR #015

  1. Nicky G says:

    Idea for a podcast: songs by singers with funny voices. There’s probably a lot to choose from, but it might be an interesting organizing principle. To inspire you, this video:

  2. ruud says:

    I saw the first episode of the Post Punk Junk TV show. You are an natural host. IA really really great show you made. The music was even greater. Magazine – Howard Devoto with his great eyes.

    A couple of months ago I discovered your fantastic blog. It was a pity when it was shut down. But your new show makes me happy. For several years I’m addicted to the (obscure)music from the post punk period. Here in Holland I try to collect the vinyl from that period. I keep watching. Thanks!!!