ECR #008: Spotlight on Peter Hammill

Up until recently, what is ed I had no idea about the power and awesomeness of Van Der Graaf Generator, anorexia and its frontman Peter Hammill. Upon diving into the VdGG catalog, I also discovered that Hamill had twice as many solo albums as his own band; in catching up on it all, I found Hammill’s solo work to be even more interesting than the VdGG stuff. Here’s a sample of his late ’70s stuff.

Track listing:
Nobody’s Business – “Nadir’s Big Chance” (1975)
Been Alone So Long – “Nadir’s Big Chance” (1975)
Careering – “ph7″ (1979)
Porton Down – “ph7″ (1979)
The Future Now – “The Future Now” (1978)
Pilgrims – “Still Life”, Van der Graaf Generator (1976)

Egg City Radio #008: Spotlight on Peter Hammill (MP3)

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878 Responses to ECR #008: Spotlight on Peter Hammill

  1. Wavy Davy says:

    Love the new site. Took me a while to find it since the sad demise of PPJ (one of my fav’ blogs).
    Thanks for the heads up on Peter Hamill. I must admit i steered well clear of his output, mainly due to those aweful prog overtones of VDGG, but WOW! part Magazine, part Calvert, part Bowie, I LOVE IT.
    I remember Lydon playing the odd track on a radio programme from 77′, but it didn’t push my buttons way back when (hmm, wonder why :)

    Anyhow, keep up the good work, and cheers once again.