ECR #006: Spotlight on the country of Scotland

It’s only been two weeks, medications and already I feel like changing up the rules. Starting now, viagra here instead of a regular mix on Wednesdays and a themed mix on Sundays, prosthetic it’s gonna be a regular mix on Mondays, an album share on Wednesdays and a themed mix on Fridays. I’m getting restless with only doing two posts a week!

This is one of those mixes that could only be possible in the era of iTunes. I would’ve been hard-pressed to have the patience to sit and make a cassette like this.

Track listing:
Guided By Voices – Gold Hick
Athletico Spizz 80 – Clocks Are Big
Maldolor – Butterfly Kiss
Despise You – Culpa Mia
Necromandus – Mogidismio 1
Alastair Galbraith – Charmed
Adrenalin OD – Old People Talk Loud
Van Dyke Parks – Laurel Canyon Blvd.
Nomeansno – No Fgnuikc
Akira Ifukube – The Maritime Safety Agency
Elmer Bernstein – Walk (from the film “Ghostbusters”)
Feederz – Day By Day
Food Brain – The Conflict Of The Hippo And The Pig
Ronnie Lane – I’ll Fly Away
“Archon” video game music…
Stark Raving Mad – Capitalist Cunts
Anti-Pop Consortium – EKG
??? from Portugal – Maria Faia C
Machine Gun Fellatio – Smooth Sexy Monkey
Teenage Jesus And The Jerks – Red Alert
Sandrose – Frlein Kommen Sie Schlaffen Mit Mir
The Volumen – Snakes (reprise)
John Lurie & The Lounge Lizards – Are You Warm Enough Again?
Cat Power – Fiance
Chromatics – Jungle
14 Year Old Girls – Loading Time
M.I.A. – One For The Head Skit
Wrangler Brutes – Wrangler Brutes
Atillio Mineo – Space Age World’s Fair
7000 Dying Rats – Congressional Death Metal Of Honor
Men’s Recovery Project – Portuguese Princess
Owada – Low
John Zorn – Ujaku
Half Japanese – Ride Ride Ride
Rudimentary Peni – The Bile Ball
Modest Mouse – Wood Grain
Ivor Cutler – Vein Girl
Fish Sticks – Flamethrower (live)
Jean-Jacques Perrey – Astronic Computer
Cassette Boy – Gopher It
The Locust – Priest With The Sexually Transmitted Diseases Get Out Of My Bed
Gary Numan – Don’t Be A Dummy (Lee Cooper advert)
The High Llamas – Rustic Vespa
“Super Mario Bros.” – Underworld music…
Krzysztof Komeda – Alfred Over Rooftops (from the film “The Fearless Vampire Killers…”)
Erik Satie – Golf
Christian Bok – And Sometimesss
Eva-Johanna Reichstag – Cantate
Holger Hiller – Ich Kann
Homophobia on “Deadwood”…
Goblin (w/ Stelvio Cipriani) – Incubi ricorrenti 7 (from the film “Solamente Nero”)
Cassette Boy – Heroin
Brigittie Fontaine (w/ Jacques Higelin) – Le sac
Scissor Fits – A Small One
Seems Twice – Side Effects
Sector 4 – Table Leg
The Mae Shi – Revelation Two
Guided By Voices – Hollow Cheek

Egg City Radio #004: 30-Second Songs (MP3)

Wikipedia sez:

“Since fish and chip shops sell large amounts of haggis but do not serve alcohol, here it can be assumed that that haggis is frequently eaten in Scotland with the accompaniment of neither wine nor whisky.”

Track listing:
The Fire Engines – Discord
Orange Juice – Lovesick
Belle & Sebastian – Judy Is A Dick Slap
Male Nurse – The Vestibule Song
The Beta Band – Push It Out
The Associates – The Affectionate Punch

Egg City Radio #006: Spotlight on the country of Scotland (MP3)

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785 Responses to ECR #006: Spotlight on the country of Scotland

  1. Rob says:

    Hi, I really liked the Scot-themed podcast. The Fire Engines are great…. I think they had a song called ‘Candy Skin’ – any material by this band would be nice to see up on Eggcity….. Loved Postpunkjunk by the way. I made this vid for Youtube from a download of an XEX song, from there.

  2. seasoninheck says:

    you can buy booze in chip shops

  3. ben says:

    you left off early simple minds. otherwise, nice!