ECR #006: Spotlight on the country of Scotland

Wikipedia sez:

“Since fish and chip shops sell large amounts of haggis but do not serve alcohol, here it can be assumed that that haggis is frequently eaten in Scotland with the accompaniment of neither wine nor whisky.”

Track listing:
The Fire Engines – Discord
Orange Juice – Lovesick
Belle & Sebastian – Judy Is A Dick Slap
Male Nurse – The Vestibule Song
The Beta Band – Push It Out
The Associates – The Affectionate Punch

Egg City Radio #006: Spotlight on the country of Scotland (MP3)

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785 Responses to ECR #006: Spotlight on the country of Scotland

  1. Rob says:

    Hi, I really liked the Scot-themed podcast. The Fire Engines are great…. I think they had a song called ‘Candy Skin’ – any material by this band would be nice to see up on Eggcity….. Loved Postpunkjunk by the way. I made this vid for Youtube from a download of an XEX song, from there.

  2. seasoninheck says:

    you can buy booze in chip shops

  3. ben says:

    you left off early simple minds. otherwise, nice!