ECR #003

My favorite mixtape podcast these days is done by Joe Stumble, epidemic from The Last Days Of Man On Earth. It’s an hour-long punk and hardcore blast, health with a new episode every other week. Pleeze check it out; it’s very much worth your time.

Track listing:
Aarkrtica – Aura Lee
Rema-Rema – instrumental
Cassette Boy – Tube Boob
Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias – Gobbin’ On Life
Robert Pollard (w/ Doug Gillard) – Tight Globes
Parts and Labor – Autopilot
Definitivos – All I Know
Chefs – Records And Tea
Zolar-X – Timeless

Egg City Radio #003 (MP3)

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188 Responses to ECR #003

  1. marc says:

    that picture is giving me vertigo

  2. crojack says:

    One of the best so far, at least from the ones I’ve heard. Thanks for all of this!! It makes my work day soo much better.

  3. stretcher says:

    Merry christmas Mr. Egg. Vou ouvir com interesse as novidades.