ECR #002: Spotlight On John Carpenter

My favorite John Carpenter score is for “Halloween III: Season Of The Witch”, infertility which he didn’t actually direct himself. I’ve posted the full soundtrack album for the film on the other blog I do stuff for, Cinefile Video (my workplace). On that blog, I primarily do soundtrack posts, but I also do a dab of film journalism as well. Check out the full rundown of my Cinefile posts here.

Track listing:
“Halloween III: Season Of The Witch” – Main Title
“Halloween III: Season Of The Witch” – Chariots Of Pumpkins
“Escape From New York” – Main Title
“Escape From New York” – The Bank Robbery
“Halloween II” – Flats In The Parking Lot
“Assault On Precinct 13″ – Precinct 9, Division 13
“Christine” – Obsessed With The Car
“Christine” – Moochie’s Death
“They Live” – Coming To L.A.
“Big Trouble In Little China” – Big Trouble In Little China

Egg City Radio #002 – spotlight on John Carpenter (MP3)

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805 Responses to ECR #002: Spotlight On John Carpenter

  1. josh says:

    funny my anti-spam word was spizz.. random? i think not..
    but please tell me why you left off “The End” from “Assault On Precinct 13″?????
    no matter, i am glad you are back and await our next food adventure.

  2. B. Brown says:

    My favorite soundtrack of ALL TIME is John Carpenter’s “Prince of Darkness.” It bears the most potent atmosphere of any of his works. I think so, anyway.

  3. Thanks! Actually, one of my favorite soundtracks in a Carpenter film is the one for The Thing. It’s actually by Ennio Morricone, but it sounds like Morricone imitating Carpenter. Weird.

  4. Jude says:

    Inspired effort. I’m sure you could’ve gone even further if you so desired. The one thing I’ve come to recognize about Carpenter is his keen sense for extracting the highest quality of ambience and electronics in order to create the finest forms of anticipation. Any homage to the man is worthwhile–this particular mix is a perfect soundtrack for those 3 or 4 a.m. car rides on barren streets and avenues where the only people out and about are likely lurking in a way worthy of the music accompanying the scene you survey. Somehow, I believe Carpenter would approve…


  5. josh says:

    anti-spam word: devoto.. ala buzzcocks/magazine.. did you choose post punk words??
    here are a few John Carpenter disco-y mp3s for ya’ll

  6. FrF says:

    Thanks from me, too!

    I just found this article from Perfect Sound Forever, titled “Killing His Contemporaries: Dissecting The Musical Worlds Of John Carpenter”
    (ca. 3300 words)

  7. Mike White says:

    A full post of THE THING soundtrack would be greatly appreciated.