ECR #001

Welcome to Egg City Radio (formerly the late Post-Punk Junk, there ) a twice-weekly mix of many things — so long as they rock. Post-Punk Junk was around from the tail end of 2005 until the very beginning of 2007, physician and was shut down because my web hosting company at the time, pills Bluehost, told me that I’d violated their terms of service by using up so much bandwidth that it was starting to seriously negatively affect their other customers (even though on their own site, they say that their customers are allowed up to 2TB of data transfer per month. I suppose it’s like the cell phone companies’ “5000 minutes on nights/weekends” deal; they’ll give it to you in theory, but in no way do they actually expect you to use all of it, for if people did, it’d send their infrastructure crashing to the ground.)

The first mix of the week, posted on Wednesdays, will be a half-hour mix of whatever I’m feeling like, but the second mix, posted on Sundays, will be themed in some way. When I did my old podcast/mixtapes for PPJ, I never bothered to figure out the RSS feed thing, but hopefully I’ll not be lazy this time around, and I’ll get that up and running soon. Any and all questions can be sent to info at –

Track listing:
The Wipers – Mystery
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band – Electricity
Wasabi and the Prostitutes – Michelle II
Bobbie Gentry – Mississippi Delta
Ivor Cutler – I’m Walking To A Farm
Peter Gabriel – And Through The Wire
The Eat – Catholic Love
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet – We’ll Be Right Back
Del Shannon – Runaway ’67
Wreckless Eric/The Len Bright Combo – You’re Gonna Screw My Head Off

Egg City Radio #001 (MP3)

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107 Responses to ECR #001

  1. That a great tracklisting, I’m glad I found your blog..

  2. b. brown says:

    Welcome back/aboard, buddy! Great work on the first podcast. Can’t wait for more.

  3. armeurH says:

    Hey ! It’s great to read/see/listen to/ you again !
    I have a request : could you re-upload the PPJ podcasts ? Please !

  4. Good to see you back! Is it ok to drop Egg City Radio in my blog roll now or would you rather me wait until you officially open?

  5. Jude says:

    look who’s baaaaaack!!!

    good, now i can stop repeating “egg city”….”egg city”………. in my head repreatedly since ppj left us so abruptly…

    welcome back, mate!

  6. rachel says:

    the internet missed you. and so did i!

  7. Tom says:

    Welcome back!!!

  8. Gabriela says:

    Hooray! I’m glad you are back; PPJ was my favorite website. Will you also be posting albums with artist background in addition to your mixes? I got quite a music education from that!

  9. Kevin says:

    Thanks for adding my blog to your links! Post Punk Junk was one of my favorite blogs. I started checking it out last October and was there to see its unfortunate demise. So glad to hear that you will be bringing album shares to Egg City as well as mixes. I can’t wait to listen to some of the new mixes. I really wish I downloaded more of the podcasts, but I just took for granted that they would always be there. Keep up the good work, and keep checking Eclectic Grooves as I have alot of cool stuff in store.

    Best, Kevin

  10. Sarah says:

    Ahh! I’ve been hunting around desperately for the new blog since PPJ closed, and have finally found it, great to have it back!