BUZZCOCKS – 4 live sets (1976-80)

Has anyone heard that Shelley/Devoto thing from a few years back called “Buzzkunst”? Sounds like it could be majorly sucky, rx like the Devoto solo record “Jerky Versions of the Dream” (1983, information pills a major disappointment. Devoto crooning in a pop style?! He can barely sing at all in the first place. I love him, healing but even I know he can’t pull that shit off without sounding like Mrs. Miller.)

Three out of the four of these have previously been released on CD, but they’re all out-of-print right now.

Buzzcocks – Midnight Special 08.29.76 (ZIP file)
Buzzcocks – Beating Hearts: The Apollo, Manchester, 1978 (ZIP file)
Buzzcocks – Small Songs With Big Hearts: The Rainbow, London, 1979
(ZIP file)
Buzzcocks – Lest We Forget: Live in America, ’79-’80 (ZIP file)

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  1. bill p says:

    I love Shelley and DeVoto. Not the greatest singers in the world but so what. Glad you are back in business.

  2. Jim Donato says:

    Buzzkunst sounds to me like the 3rd Luxuria album. I like it better than “Beast Box” but not as much as “Unanswerable Lust.” I mean, the Pete Shelley influence is negligible, apart from a tiny bit of ripping guitar on the slightly Buzzcocks-like “Til The Stars In His Eyes Are Dead.” Howard’s singing on “Can You See Me Shining” is one of his best vocal performances, in my opinion. I love the way the lyric line descends into starling intensity. For the record, I loved “Jerky Versions” and didn’t mind him crooning at all, though none of that is going on here. The only Devoto album I have issues with is “Magic, Murder and The Weather.” After 26 years, I still fail to see its point. I could almost say the same about “Secondhand Daylight” but the closing “Permafrost” certainly makes one hell of a point.

  3. Robert says:

    Thank you for post. LOVE the Buzzcocks. Used to overdose on “Singles Going Steady” – ah memories of an age gone past. As to Buzzkunst, to me it sounded /sounds very much like Pete Shelley´s solo stuff which is amazing as well. Homosapien indeed. and with Flat Pack Philosophy they have proven that after 30 years they will still outplay most of what is around today calling itself Punk!
    Stay alive Robert

  4. Harold says:

    Uh, you might want to give Jerky Versions of the Dream another chance. Just picked up the CD reissue which has some live and Peel tracks. I really like this album. True, it feels like he had about 2/3 of a complete album and just missed the mark, but if you appreciate Buzzcocks and Magazine, you won’t be disappointed. I also really enjoyed Buzzkunst. (Do you think they wanted to call it Buzzkunts (the opposite of Buzzcocks), but felt that it would by uh…controversial? LOL)