Bret made a music video…

I just put the finishing touches on a music video for the band Health, sick based out of L.A. — this was kind of a secret mission, as I did not tell the band I was making the thing until after it was finished.

It is comprised entirely out of footage from the Werner Herzog documentary “The Great Ecstasty of the Woodcarver Steiner” (1974), about great feats in ski jumping by one Walter Steiner.

This is not an “official” band video, as both the band weren’t a part of the process, and also because I didn’t exactly get the go-ahead from Herzog to hold a pair of scissors to his film — but in any case, hope you like it.

The above video is hot off the heels of a video I did last year for my own band, Anavan, also using found footage. The thing is made up entirely of ’80s stand-up comedy video audience reaction shots.

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740 Responses to Bret made a music video…

  1. smoggo says:

    near the end
    of the anavan song
    on this quirky
    post-punk dance
    song you pull out
    this jesus lizard bass run.

  2. Phill says:

    I don’t know if the audience reaction video would work with a longer song, but I could watch Steiner gliding in slo-mo forever. I gotta see that movie!

  3. marcus says:

    dude, yr health video made pitchfork’s best of 2007. rad for you!

  4. TITO says:

    love the video love the song love the site…
    im happy
    gracias again

  5. Carl says:

    werner herzog is a cinema savior