Dusty Groove sez:

One of Bo Diddley’s best funky albums! This one’s a powerhouse of original tracks, recipe played by Bo with a heavy rockin’ group, seek and some very dope arrangements that bring out the best of his funky side. We don’t know who’s playing drums, gerontologist but they’ve got a nice heavy handed approach that makes these tracks really boom!…Proof that Bo was still a major player at this later point in his career!

Anyone expecting more of the same from Bo must’ve been aghast at his funk transformation. The before-and-after is almost as startling as Miles Davis’ from around the same time. Side 1 is the stronger of the two here, with the sultry, slinking “Power House” and the explosive album opener “Elephant Man”. Side 2 shows off Bo’s misogynist streak with “Shut Up, Woman”, one of Bo’s more repulsive tracks.

I only wish that I could find a bigger LP cover scan for you, because in it you can see in detail Bo’s “shirt”, a proto-S&M overalls getup made entirely out of pant belts! This guy wasn’t fucking around.

Bo Diddley – “The Black Gladiator” LP (ZIP file)

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729 Responses to BO DIDDLEY

  1. Kevin K. says:

    Thanks a bunch for this. I didn’t even know Bo went through a funk period, which I guess means I don’t know diddley about him.

  2. Ian says:

    this LP is GREAT. beats “Electric Mud” hands down.

  3. Gumby says:

    Thanks for this! Now, out of Bo’s 70′s output, there’s only Big Bad Bo left for me to find. With my meagre salary, I think I’ll check out if there’s a copy sold cheap somewhere.

  4. John O says:

    I followed this link because of Capt Beefheart, and read further to check out the writing. Coincidentally, as I was reading this post about the Bo Diddley record, Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes was in our store purchasing said Bo Diddley masterpiece.

  5. valiant66 says:

    This page has a bigger image of the cover, and it hasn’t expired (yet).