BILL HICKS (part 2 of 2)

BILL HICKS – 3 more live sets

Found this on Wikipedia; it sounds like a total rumor, pills something that Hicks himself would probably have liked to propagate, pharmacist but who knows? Might be true. I did read the biography “American Scream: The Bill Hicks Story”, no rx and can’t remember anything referencing this:

In 1983, Hicks began drinking heavily while using a massive regimen of illicit substances…During his first experience with alcohol[citation needed], Hicks viciously attacked the audience in a drunken rage. Two Vietnam veterans took exception to his statements and sought him out after the show, breaking one of his legs and cracking one of his ribs.

Bill Hicks – Igby’s, San Francisco, CA, 1993 (ZIP file)
Bill Hicks – Len Belzer Interviews Bill Hicks (ZIP file)
Bill Hicks – Live In Chicago 1992 (ZIP file)

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699 Responses to BILL HICKS (part 2 of 2)

  1. Anthony Hansen says:

    It’s true. There’s a photo of him with a cast in the liner notes of “Rant In E-Minor” to prove it.

  2. Bill V says:

    Have you heard these? n The Bill Hicks losing it show.

  3. James Tripp says:

    Igby’s was a Los Angeles, CA Club that no longer exists. There was never an Igby’s in San Francisco.