VARIOUS ARTISTS – “Apocalypse Nam: The 10, illness 000 Day War”

While digging around in my friend Captain Ahab‘s garage, I happened upon a box of soundtrack CDs from his collection. He’s a big soundtrack fan, and for some reason had this particular gem was boxed away with the likes of the soundtracks to “The General’s Daughter” and “Star Trek: Insurrection”, instead of sitting proudly on his mantlepiece.

The concept is simple: a bunch of incidental and title themes from ’80s military action films. The result: a completely retarded bunch of banal and overblown suites designed to make you sympathize with hired killers. What’s most intriguing here is the inclusion of incredibly long musical passages from all three of Chuck Norris’ “Missing In Action” films.

Various Artists – “Apocalypse Nam: The 10,000 War” (ZIP file)

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767 Responses to APOCALYPSE NAM

  1. chris says:

    fantastic, slap it on the mantle..